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Day 1 – Amberley Air Base to Oakey

Day 1 completed 133k – Amberley Air Base to Oakey.

What a day!! A steady climb for the entire day and then Murphys Creek hill. Murphys Creek is 21% for 1.2k, one of the hardest hills to climb.

Thankful the hill at Murphys Creek is behind us. Hopefully tomorrow won’t be as hilly!!

6 days to go!!!

Although we usually wait until Monday morning to total the donations, we have just run a quick tally and we have hit $130k so far this year! Thank you so much to everyone who has donated – you are all amazing. Whatever you are doing over the weekend, don’t forget to talk about ‪#‎ridewestaust‬, and help us reach that $200k target.



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