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Day 4 – Roma to Mitchell

Day 4 on our amazing adventure started a bit later today given the shorter distance of 90k from Roma to Mitchell. We were hosted for a hearty breakfast by Mark, Annette and Tim from Roma Pumps and Solar then rolled out of Roma at about 9.00. Mark commented on the amazing work that the RFDS does and didn’t hesitate in wanting to support the cause, thank you from all the riders for the fuel for our ride today!!

We were anticipating a relatively easy 90k to Mitchell however the winds were against us and it was a fair slog into the wind all morning …… the warm artesian baths in Mitchell were a welcome sight for our sore legs.

We are now at about the halfway point with 3 big days ahead of us, bodies are sore, but the will and determination is strong. The camaraderie and mateship developed in just 4 days amongst the riders and support crew is amazing. Thank you to everyone for your continued support for such a wonderful cause. ‪#‎ridewestaust‬



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