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Day 5 – Mitchell to Augathella

Day 5 is done and dusted, and it was a long stretch from Mitchell to Augathella – a total of 183kms. The previous night’s Calcutta for first flat tyre meant that the normal pre-ride tyre check was closely monitored this morning. Today’s conditions were close to perfect excluding a few windy patches in the first session. It’s clear that some are getting tired as it took Dave a while to realise that he was starting the second session without his helmet on!! Greg (aka Yellowcard) was the first & only flat of the day, much to the delight of Evan & David, who held him in the Calcutta. After a few injuries/niggles amongst the group, it was good to have all the riders back in the saddle at the same time for a section of today. Although we have two big days ahead you can feel the anticipation, we are almost there! ‪#‎ridewestaust‬



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