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Day 7 Wrap Up | Ride West 2018

The Ridewest 2018 team made it to the finish line in Longreach, Queensland! After a huge 7 days, 1237kms and a ridiculous amount of perseverance we rolled across the Longreach border line. We started in Blackall, Queensland early this morning, powering on for over 70kms until our first break in Isisford, we even had a flock of calves follow us for a few kms.

After the support crew served up another fantastic morning tea, we were joined by the legendary Robbie McEwen who was the extra lift that the team needed, braving the millions of flies with us and cycling to the finish line.

Melissa and Christine from the Welcomemart in Isisford were pleasantly surprised when we dropped in to purchase 45 ice creams, they said it was the most sales they have made in a month and the most ice cream they had sold in 5 years!

As we continued to peddle, we had more wellwishers on the road, with signs and words of encouragement. Mick Williams brother Sandy joined the team from the front of his property, joining us to ride the last 50kms.When we arrived at Wellshot Hotel we were greeted with cold beers and friendly faces as we had over 20 family members waiting with fresh drinks to cheer us on for the last grueling 30kms.

Ed Warren, Mayor of Longreach then donned a Ridewest outfit and jumped on a bike himself to peddle the last 10kms with the team. Showing us all the local pride and support we have in Outback Queensland.We then rolled on into the Australian Stockman’s Hall of Fame for a huge welcome with signs, family, friends and well wishers. The riders were treated with a cold drink and roast beef role.

We could not be more proud of the team for peddling for 7 days for the people of Outback Queensland. Mental Health and suicide awareness is important and we want you all to know it is ok to chat, ok to not be ok and there is someone to talk to. The Royal Flying Doctor Service of Australia team is here for the outback mental health and we are privileged to be able to be a huge part of keeping this amazing department going.

We are incredibly lucky to have raised over our 300k target. As a result, Ridewest has donated over $1million to the Queensland Outback mental health and suicide awareness department of the Royal Flying Doctor Service of Australia.

A final thank you to the legendary Robbie McEwen Cycling – RMC for taking the time to fly out and join the team for our last grueling day. His presence really lifted the teams spirits in the last leg of the journey to Longreach.

If you still wish to donate and support a great cause, please click the ‘donate now’  button below as we will be tallying for another week.

Thank you to our amazing sponsors, without whom we would not have had the opportunity to raise so much money and awareness.Thank you for making Ridewest 2018 possible!


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