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RideWest 2024 - Day 6

Day 6

 Charleville – Augathella



We started day 6 with a visit to the Charleville RFDS base.  Taken on a guided tour by Nurse Manager Jo, we were granted a glimpse into the vital work the RFDS team do, serving remote communities with essential healthcare services.  We got an insight into how the operations run and the challenges regional areas face.


We were served a beautiful breakfast and got to witness one of the planes taking off from the hangar as the team were going out on a retrieval job. We also got to tour one of the WWII hangars built by the US Army, which is still used to this day by the RFDS.


Despite facing slightly less favourable winds on our journey out of Charleville (a little more on the nose), spirits remained high as we pedalled onward, not ones to complain about conditions here, after the damp start earlier in the week. Our morning tea stop was marred with controversy as we heard screams of “sabotage” when Erika “accidentally dropped” Carmel’s peach balls as they were coming out of the truck for judging in the Golden Spoon Awards.


Anticipation built throughout the morning as we headed toward Nat’s home town, of Augathella, where we knew we would receive a hero’s welcome from Nat’s primary school students, the staff and their families.

Upon reaching Augathella, we were greeted by a sea of eager faces – children from the Augathella State School, each clutching their bicycles in anticipation of joining our peloton for the final leg of the journey. Guided by our young ambassadors, we embarked on a cycling tour of Augathella's key landmarks, each stop revealing a piece of the town's rich history and culture.

The hospitality extended by the Augathella community was nothing short of extraordinary. From the warm embrace of the locals to the heartfelt lunch prepared by the P&C, every gesture spoke volumes about the generosity and warmth of this tight-knit community


It was really special for us to see Nat in her hometown and see her with students, who were all so polite, true ladies and gentlemen. Tthey are a true testament to the teachers and staff at the school and to their families.


Today was our last ‘short day’ on the bike, as our last two days are both 200km+.  So we embraced the afternoon off to take a well-deserved rest and have some time to recuperate ready for the final push into Longreach.


Thank you Augathella for your incredibly warm welcome – you have a special place in our hearts.




  • Steve G – Going on a tour with the school kids.  Being immersed in the Augathella community and the amazing lunch cooked by the P&C.

  • Thomas – Carmel’s Peach Balls

  • John B – Meeting the very polite young gentleman Sam Tully.

  • Tony  - Meeting Grace Smith, the Vice Captain at Augathella State School, who wants to be a midwife when she grows up.


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