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RideWest lives by the support of sponsors, event partners and donors who share the passion and values of being involved in an event that is all about supporting regional Queenslanders.


RideWest lives by the support of key sponsors and event partners who  share the passion and values of being involved in an event that reaches the core of what Australian community support is all about – helping others.

Whether you’re a large corporate organisation or small local business, you can benefit from supporting the RideWest charity bike ride. Increase your brand exposure and awareness, engage and build your  network and community, and be part of an experience that will help make a big difference.


Your contribution and support, however large or small, could help save  someone’s life.

Download a copy of the 2024 Sponsorship Prospectus here.


We have many valued business partners who do not provide a cash sponsorship, but provide our team with goods and services that we would otherwise need to pay for. Some examples of such as donations we have received in the past is vehicles and petrol for our support crew, food and beverage donations, cycling equipment and kits, gifts and products that can be used as auction or raffles prizes.

If your business is not in a position to sponsor with a cash donation, but would still like to be involved, please contact our team to discuss the options.

We would like to thank MRP Images for all the incredible photos that are taken on our ride. 

We would like to thank Iconik Media House for creating our RideWest 2022 video footage.



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